Born on November 23, 1968 in Leninogorsk, TASSR;

Lives in Kazan. Married, has 4 children.

Master of Sports of the Soviet Union and Russia;

Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan;

Education background:
1986 - Almetyevsk College of Physical Culture;
1997 — Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture (specialist in physical culture and sports)
2008 — St. Petersburg University of Engineering and Economics (economist-manager with a degree in economics and management);
2017 — Kazan National Research Technological University (candidate's thesis on the topic “Managing the development of infrastructure in the sports services sector”);
1987-1989 - Service in the USSR Armed Forces (senior sergeant of the airborne troops);

1989 - Instructor of the military-patriotic club “Young Paratrooper”, Moscow, sports instructor Management of JSC SZMN;
1997 - Methodist, deputy director, children's sports school "Ring", children's and youth sports school "Yunost";
2006 - Methodologist-instructor in sports at OJSC Tatneft;
2011 - Director of the Kazan Tennis Academy;
2013 - Executive Director of the Regional Public Organization "Tennis Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan";
2017 - Vice-President of the “International Koresh Federation”;

Sports achivments:
– Champion of the TASSR, RSFSR in swimming and summer all-around GTO (1984);
– World champion and record holder in swimming category “MASTER” in his age category;

Nogumanov Ravil Uelovich
Vice President
Tel: +7 843 273 54 92
Kazan, st. Nikolay Ershova, 28a