“Koresh has its own centuries-old history and is very popular among the peoples of the Volga region, the Urals and other regions of Russia, near and far abroad. Now “koresh” wrestling is experiencing a new birth – as a sport. And, I must say, very promising. She was warmly received in many, in particular Turkic countries. Thanks to its beauty and features, the “koresh” has become popular.”

President of the Koresh Federation - Dzhaudat Minnakhmetov

Minnakhmetov Dzhaudat Midkhatovich


Born in the village of Timershik, Sabinsky district of the TASSR. Since childhood, he was distinguished by his leadership and organizational skills. He was fond of national wrestling “koresh”, where he successfully competed in competitions, taking prizes.

The love for wrestling, which originated in childhood, allowed not only to successfully perform on the Maidan of the national holiday Sabantuy, but also to achieve high results in professional competitions. So, in 1979 he became a "batir"  (in the weight category up to 70 kg - the most popular category) of the Vakhitovsky and Sovetsky districts.

Extensive competitive experience, coupled with a love of wrestling, allows him to see the subtleties and specifics of this sport from the inside, and Jaudat’s large-scale thinking determines the high goal that he sets for the Koresh Federation - promoting this sport on the world stage, along with other types of martial arts.

He managed to bring the national struggle of many Turkic peoples, the struggle against a thousand-year history - koresh - to a fundamentally new level. In 2009, after the first ever Koresh World Championship, the world sports community started talking about the bright, technically complex and spectacular wrestling. In 2013, Koresh wrestling was recognized as an all-Russian sport and included in the second section of the All-Russian Register of Sports. The first official competitions after being included in the register took place as part of the world student games “Universiade 2013”.

Every year, the All-Russian and International Koresh Federations hold several dozen official competitions on 4 continents, and also actively work to popularize this sport. The largest sporting event of the year is traditionally the World Championship, in which more than 200 athletes from 42 countries take part.

The development of koresh in the international arena continues with the entry of the Koresh Federation into the World Confederation of Ethnic Sports, headed by the president of the confederation Bilal Erdogan. The Koresh Federation was represented three times at international forums of the ethnosport confederation.

In the internal structure of the confederation, the Koresh Federation is part of the Central Asian Committee.

Education background


named after N.E. BAUMAN – 1973-1978

Moscow University of Consumer Cooperation - today: RUSSIAN UNIVERSITY OF COOPERATION - 1995 to 1998.


1980-1990 – Public catering department of Kazan, director of the Kazan restaurant.

1990-1996 - Chairman of the Board of the Arsky District Consumer Union.

1996-1998 — Head of the administration of the Vysokogorsk region.

from 1998 to the present - General Director of the State Treasury Institution "Fund for Gasification, Energy Saving Technologies and Development of Engineering Networks of the Republic of Tatarstan."

Community activities

1990-1997 - Deputy of the regional Council of People's Deputies.

1997-1998 - Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Since 1998 - on a voluntary basis, President of the children's sports car club.

Since 2005 - President of the All-Russian Federation of National Wrestling "Tatarcha Koresh" - today: All-Russian public organization "Koresh Federation of Russia"

Since 2013 – President of the public organization “International Belt Wrestling Federation Koresh”


International master of sports in auto racing.

Known as a philanthropist, a wrestling buddy and an avid skier.

He is interested in history, in particular the Bulgar period in the history of Tatarstan.

Marital status: married, two children.

Tel: +7 843 273 54 92
Email: koresh.federation@gmail.com
Kazan, st. Nikolay Ershova, 28a