International koresh competition finished at Sabantui in Dubai

On April 20, as part of Sabantuy in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), an international tournament and master classes in Koresh belt wrestling were held, for which a delegation of the International Koresh Federation arrived in Dubai.

The delegation includes the World Champion in koresh, international master of sports Firdus Zainullin, Russian champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, international master of sports of Russia, Honored Master of Sports of Russia Marat Garipov, vice world champion in belt wrestling koresh, record holder of the Guinness Book of Records, world record holder in weight lifting Dmitry Khaladzhi and other athletes, as well as judges and specialists of the Federation.

Competitions and master classes took place at a special Koresh site in the center of Dubai Sabantuy on the territory of Safa Park. The Sabantuy program included a presentation of belt wrestling Koresh, master classes from famous athletes, a power show from Koresh wrestler, Guinness Book of Records record holder Dmitry Khaladzhi, and the final fights of international Koresh competitions.